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Nest box week - ideal weather for it

Posted by British Bird Food 16/02/2012 0 Comment(s)
This week is the National Nest box week for Great Britain and we have got a nice mild spell at the moment so the wild birds feeding in your garden will be thinking about collecting nesting material to use to build their nests. Wild garden birds often build several nests before they start to lay eggs in them, they will check out with the other sex if it is to their liking! and if not, will start again somewhere else in the garden (or further afield) many things can effect the final decision on what constitutes a good nest site.The garden birds will be busy around the garden for a while and whilst they are focussed on checking out the competition they will not be paying too much attention to their diet, they will need constant food available to them in the next few weeks. The weather is set to change back to a cold front again this weekend and after a few spring-like days the birds will need nourishment. They will be fighting with other males and exhausting themselves in acquiring nesting territory. It is mainly the Blackbirds at the moment, but the smaller birds are showing signs of being interested in nesting material too. So it is important to feed the correct type of food in your wild bird feeding station.Right now we have Blackbird and Thrush food, Winter mix, Black sunflower seeds,
 Niger seed and peanuts in our wild bird feeders in the garden. We will save the hair from our dog (Bertie - the terrible terrier!)and put it out for the birds in a red plastic mesh peanut feeder, they are not pretty, but if you would like one, just ask us to put one in with your order and we will be happy to do so free of charge.Of course, we have lots of nest boxes for you to chose from as well, just browse through our selection.This time of year is important for the wild birds in your garden to settle down for the season and you will find that if you can encourage them to come into your garden now, they are more likely to stay for the rest of the season. So do think about any obstacles that may put the wild birds off nesting in your area. Cats, Raptors (especially Sparrow Hawks) noisy dogs are all natural occurrences to birds and they either will or will not put up with them, there is not much we can do about those. But if you can put out wild bird food, and nesting material, ensure a clean fresh water supply and avoid excess noise, then you will increase your chances of encouraging the wild birds to stay in your garden for longer.

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