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Heavy duty Squirrel Feeder

Posted by British Bird Food 26/01/2012 0 Comment(s)
There are several reasons you might want to feed the squirrels, to distract them from your wild bird feeding station, to help the little fellas survive the winter or just to sit and watch them get up to all sortrs of antics in their attempts to fill their stomachs.The latest version we have is from Wildlife World and is built to last. Made from Cedar, Larch and Oak, it will withstand the onslaught from the Squirrels as well as the weather. It has a rust proof hinge on the lid to ensure you can fill it easily and the Squirrels can get to the goodies as well. A perspex front lets the Squirrels see what is on offer and allows you the luxury of seeing when it needs filling without going all the way up to it and lifting the lid.With the squirrel feeder safely in place in the opposite direction, the wild birds will be left alone to feed at your feeding station and you will be spared the expense of them eating your valuable wild bird food.

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