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Spring / summer bird food mix still on the menu

Posted by British Bird Food 13/08/2015 0 Comment(s)

As August approaches and we (dare I say it) start to feel a little cooler and the evenings start to arrive a little earlier. We might be tempted to change the way we think about our wild birds and their wild bird food requirements.

The wild birds in your garden are still rearing the young from the last brood, they are tied and in need of help to gain energy and keep supplying wild bird food to their offspring. Our Spring / Summer mix is the perfect bird mix for this time of year. It contains peanut granules, suet pellets, mealworms and Sunflower Hearts, plus other small seeds and fruit, the birds love the mixture and it can be fed all year round, it has the right balance of nutritional ingredients to provide energy, fibre and a little grit for the birds digestive system – this helps the gut recover from the egg laying process.

The birds are still using their nests, so don’t get carried away with the hedge trimming yet, a cautious approach is required, thoroughly checking the hedge or bush for any signs of nest activity before trimming, in actual fact hedges should not be cut before 1st September, but we all see the field hedges are starting to be cut in August and this makes us want to keep up, but there is nothing wrong with a hedge that is full of life and growth, leave it a few more weeks and one good trim will last until next year.

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