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 The Igloo Hedgehog house offers a safe haven for your garden guests. Ideally camouflaged, the painted steel frame has a water-proof roof under the brush wood cover decorated and camouflaged with withy bands and moss trim. The Igloo will help protect the Hedgehogs from the many dangers of modern gardens, strimmers, forks, foxes, dogs etc. If you think there is a high risk of predators, then the Igloo can be secured to the ground with pegs.

The Hedgehogs will generally look after themselves, but you might like to add some dried grass and leaves into the Igloo for them to use as nesting material.

The Igloo is a little larger than the Hogitat and so will accommodate a family group such as a mother and her hoglets and although it is designed mainly for shelter, if you pile on some brushwood and leaves it may be used for hibernation in the Winter.

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Igloo Hedgehog House

  • £34.99

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