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Help and Advice - Ground Table

Just as valuable in nature as the delightfully small clinging birds are the ground feeding birds. These birds include the Blackbird, Sparrows, Wagtails, |Robins and the pigeons and Doves. Tray Feeders are specifically designed to hold not only seed and suet products but also fruit, bread (soaked in water first), bacon rind and many other types of food. It is very important to keep the Tray Feeder clean, so before feeding make sure all of the waste on the tray has been discarded. Only put enough food on the tray to feed for one day as you could have unwanted visitors in the night.

Our range of Tray Feeders is ideal for standing on decking, grass and patio. They are made of recycled, synthetic materials that look like natural wood but needs no maintenance, will not rot or warp and are very easy to clean.