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Help and Advice - Hanging Feeders


Nowadays these type of feeder come in all shapes and sizes, and it depends on what you want to feed, as to which one is the correct choice. Hygiene is very important with hanging feeders please read our page on hygiene. You can feed Peanuts, Seeds, Mealworms, Suet Pellets / Blocks, Live Food, Niger Seed and Fat Balls, through specially developed feeders available now.

Some food gets dropped whilst the birds feed.  A useful way to prevent this waste is to attach a tray to the bottom of the feeder to catch the fallout.  ALterntively using a special seed mix like our High Energy No Mess means that seed casings are not left strewn about under the feeder. Seed on the floor will be picked up by ground feeding birds such as the sparrows and blackbirds.

Birds like the Nuthatch love whole Peanuts, from a hanging feeder, but so do Squirrels! I don’t mind the squirrel having a go to get the nuts, it can be entertaining, but on the other hand, they can be a pest, can damage your feeders, and keep the birds away. A good Squirrell proof feeder is the answer to this, there are several types available that suit different seed types.