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Help and Advice - Good Hygiene

For Feeders and Seed Mix for Wild Birds


Hygiene is crucial to the health of the birds that visit your feeders. They are just a reliant on you for clean food as a pet cat or dog. Once the birds know where to find food, they will have confidence in visiting the feeder, and if it is not regularly cleaned it could  be infected with fungus and mold. Also, it is important to keep your bird food in excellent condition. You can keep the seed in our re-useable bags, just re-seal them after you have filled up the feeder, and keep them dry. If you use a storage bin, it must be air tight.

For the table feeders you can remove any waste with a scraper before putting out fresh food. Try to prevent leaving food on the table overnight, this will draw rodents to the table.

To care for a tube feeder you should wash it out frequently, once a week or so is fine. Use a cleaning brush and cleaner/disinfectant for feeders to wash out the tube. 

Peanuts are liable to contamination of aflatoxins. It has no odour and is a colourless fungus, which can be lethal to birds. Always use high-quality peanuts (ours are guaranteed aflatoxin free), and keep the mesh feeder clean by using warm water and cleaners.

Bird baths doubtless need the most consideration. After a time green algae forms which could be harmful to  the birds. The water should be replaced daily, and the bath cleaned out each time. Once a week it will need a good wash and scrub with a hard bristle brush. Any water dish left for small mammals to drink will also need cleaning frequently.