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pestfree ultrasonic pest deterrent from Concept Research is a highly effective device for deterring cats, dogs, martens, foxes and rabbits from protected areas in your garden. Sitting alongside the popular CATwatch, catfree and FOXwatch devices the pestfree has the same highly effective high frequency ultrasonic alarm.

pestfree can detect movement from 10 metres at an angle up to 100 degrees and covering up to 88 square metres.  Once the PIR sensor has detected the presence of an unwanted pest the unit emits a series of ultrasonic alarms across a range of frequencies to deter different types of pest.  Once the animal has vacated the controlled area the unit returns to standby.  Pests are not harmed by pestfree and cannot be heard by humans or other garden wildlife.

Installation is simple, fix the mounting stake to the unit, insert a 9v battery (not included) and mount in the location of your choice.  pestfree will instantly start protecting your garden from unwanted pests.

Manufactured in the UK and with a 2 year warranty for peace of mind the pestfree device is also weatherproof.

pestfree has an on/off switch and a red LED indicator to let you know the unit is functioning correctly.

Battery life is estimated to be approximately 4 months, alternatively you can purchase a mains adaptor kit.

Works all day and night in any weather conditions.  pestfree is part of a popular range of deterrents including CATwatchcatfree and FOXwatch

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