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Silver Gift Pack

Silver Gift Pack Bird Feeding Gifts and Vouchers British Bird Food - UK wild bird food suppliers, bird seed and garden wildlife
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The Silver Gift Pack is designed for the budding bird feeders. It has everything required to get started, and at £34.95, it represents excellent value, and a great saving  from the RRP of all the products contained within. There are two seed feeders for the Black sunflower seed and the Standard Wild Bird mix. Then there are two suet holders, one for the cake, and the other for the balls. As well as a ceramic bird bath (an essential part of any feeding station). The pack makes an ideal gift, and with our next day delivery service someone can be feeding the birds straight away.

Please note the pack no longer contains a bird bath, we have increased the seed content to compensate.

Pack contents:-

Two 8 inch / 2 port Plastic seed feeders
Suet block holder
Suet ball holder
Peanut basket
6 Standard suet balls
2 Suet blocks
2Kg Standard seed mix
2Kg Black Sunflower seed
2Kg Peanuts

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