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Hand made wooden planters

NEW Hand made wooden planters
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Hand made wooden planters.

Thes planters are hand made in our Shropshire village by a local craftsman, they are screwed and glued as opposed to the factory made products held together with nails. The wood we use is all reused or reclaimed timber, so it has already had a life and we can make it live again, this does mean there may be slight differences in the grain and finish - but we think that is all character!

These planters are made to last, hand painted with either Sadolin antique pine preservative or Ronseal clear yacht varnish. Both of which are excellent quality preservatives and although they need maintaining every few years, they will last many more years then most planters.

The joints on our planters are proper joinery joints and are held together with skill (plus a bit of glue!) rather than nails that will loosen over time.

Every planter is hand made, which makes each one unique, there are lots of carpentry techniques involved in making the planters and this means every joint and angle will be fitted exactly to the next one. So you will see in the finished product minor differences from each one (and in the images we use). But they all look very similar and you would have to have several together to spot any differences.

There are several options for each planter - you can have the dark Sadolin finish or the natural clear varnish. In addition, you can use the comments box when ordering, to let us know if you would like us to line the planter with thick black plastic so you can grow directly in the planter, or you might prefer to use your own pot and not have plastic.


Square tapered planter is - 380mm wide at the top and 320mm wide at the bottom. Internally it is 370mm deep and externally 405mm high.
Octagonal planter is - 380mm wide across the top. Internally it is 280mm deep and externally it is 300mm high.

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