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catfree has been designed and built by the same team at Concept research as the CATwatch deterrent. catfree came about as a result of the increased copying of the original CATwatch device, using imported supplies. So, not to be beaten, Concept research introduced the smaller and cheaper version that is known as catfree. At £24.95 it is competitive with other deterrents today, but you will always find the superior quality of the catfree speaker and detecting sensor will be more effective in the long run. Made in the UK, you can always get help from the customer help line and the unit is guaranteed for two years

catfree works by detecting movement within the radius of the infrared beam and then emitting a high frequency blast of noise at a specific frequency, so only cats can hear it.

catfree has an effective area of 88sq metres, is inaudible to humans and will not affect other animals including dogs.

Easy to install, the catfree unit only requires a 9v battery (not supplied) and placing in your garden on the ground spike provided with the unit. It will protect your garden and bird feeders from cat intrusion 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year and all for £2 to £3 per year.

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5 ( 5 / 5 )
After trying a few scent products available on the market I am pleased i purchased your device catfree, as it really has done the job at preventing cats from entering my garden and causing havoc to my garden bird life. I would recommend this device to other BBF customers.

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