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Apple house with platform

Apple house with platform
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This unique and attractive house is made from Oak (FSC sourced) and is very functional as a feeder with a rustic, natural bark roof.

The apple house features a unique circular landing platform for the ground feeders to perch on whilst they enjoy a favourite fruit nibble. It has a stainless steel spike, which can be used to fix a variety of foods - from apples and pears to suet balls and kitchen scraps. This is a beautiful design, in natural wood it will look good in any garden -please be aware of cheaper alternatives, this is oak and has a platform with a natural bark roof.

This feeder is made from solid Oak and will last a long time. Please be aware of cheaper softwood lookalikes - they will not last as long.

Please note, as this product is sent through the post, it is free shipping to anywhere in the UK, including zones 2 and 3.


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