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Squirrel Proof


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Gardman Silo Niger Seed feeder. This is one of three feeders from Gardman that are just right ..

Gardman bird feeder hygiene spray. 500ml Ready to use disinfectant for your bird feeding equipmen..

Gardman complete feeding station kit. Everything you need to get started or to add another feedin..

Ernest Charles Bee and Bug House. This Bee and Bug house is well made from FSC timber and an imit..

Feeding Station Stabilisers from Gardman. Specifically designed to support feeding station poles, t..

Gardman Suet energy bites feeder. Specially designed to feed suet energy bites (pellets and balls..

Gardman Heavy Duty Squirrel Proof Suet Ball Feeder. With a strong metal cage designed to exclude Sq..

Heavy Duty Squirrel proof peanut feeder. The heavy duty peanut feeder from Gardman is designed wi..

Heavy Duty Squirrel proof bird seed feeder. The heavy duty seed feeder from Gardman is designed w..
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Gardman Sunflower Heart feeder. Please note - we only have the 2 port feeder in stock now, not the ..

Tom Chambers Nut and Seed bird station. A complete bird feeding station including a three part he..

Tom Chambers select bird feeding station. The select bird feed station is all you need to get you h..

Gardman Squirrel Baffle - Pole and Hanging. The Gardman Squirrel Baffle protects your bird feeder..

Squirrel proof bird seed feeder. A great value bird feeder for your garden, this feeder is for se..

Squirrel proof ground feeder haven. This product just does as it says! it is a durable addition t..

This simple, but effective water drinker for wild birds is made by Gardman. Priced at £9.99 it is an..