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Help and Advice - Feeder Types

For Wild Bird Feeders for British Garden Birds


There are a number of feeders to choose from. Tube feeders are for seeds, which include our exclusive mixes. Mesh feeders are intended for peanuts, and special feeders for suet. There are particular types of feeders for specific birds and location, for example a window feeder is excellent to see your birds close up. Invariably a combination of feeders will get the best results, but once again it is a matter of location, and the type of bird you want to attract. Our starter packs, Bronze, Silver and Gold packs offers everything you require to begin feeding. They are also an excellent as gifts for any occasion.

Something to bear in mind when deciding on which feeder to choose, is the surrounding area and fauna of your garden. By encouraging natural habitat surrounding your feeder you may attract birds such as Spotted Flycatchers, which are an infrequent visitor, and do not usually eat from feeders. However they do like to nest in boxes and crevices in the garden. By ensuring a plentiful supply of flying insects from your plant life you will encourage them to stay.Also another consideration to take account of is what kind of animals are in and around your garden. Hedgehogs and small mammals are welcome visitors as they eat snails and slugs that devour our vegetables in the vegetable patch.