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Customer Comments

Customer Feedback - to send us feedback, use the form at bottom of the page. (we only publish 1 or 2 per month!)

We no longer keep this up to date, but are very proud of those we show here - please use the customer feedback page.

Dear Belinda
Thanks very much – safely received.  Thanks also for the suet-filled coconut shell, which will certainly be appreciated by the birds.Regards Peter June 2019

Hi Belinda,
Apologies for delay in replying as I just wanted to say thank you for the fat balls that was sent with our delivery.
These were put outside for the birds and disappeared fairly quickly.
Thank you again for the wonderful service we receive.
Kind regards,
 Ian May 2019

Just want to say how pleased we are with the service from British Bird Food.  We order Sunflower Hearts and the birds absolutely love them!  Delivery is excellent too.  Would recommend your company for products and delivery.
Sandra  April 2019

Hello David
This is a horribly belated thank you for the prompt delivery of my order last week with the very welcome coconut – the smiley added the perfect finishing touch!  It was the quietest ever Garden Birdwatch for me last Sunday but hopefully that means the local bird population is being well looked after!
 Hope you are both well.  Stay warm.
Regards. Jean  March 2019

Dear David
Thank you so much for the stainless steel peanut baskets and for the prompt delivery as usual.
I hope 2019 is a good year for you.
Wishing you well.
Kind Regards
Betty February 2019

Hi David,
Thank you for the email.
You are the only company that I can find that recycles your bags.  Thank you.  I would love to get bird food in hessian bags for preference but I do realise it will not keep so long.  One day lets hope.
As they have Freepost on them I will return them by post. I will definitely be ordering again soon.
Best wishes Flavia January 2019

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.
Tara and the birds xx December 2018

Thank you once again David and Belinda for the excellent service in supplying our order within 2 days. British Bird Food not only respond with great efficiency , the seed they supply is, in my opinion, the very best you can buy anywhere. Keep up the good work - the birds, and I are very grateful!!
Lynn December 2018 

Very fast delivery, great products, packed well. Attracting a wide variety of birds
Patricia November 2018

Not an enquiry but a sincere thank you for the speedy delivery of our order and the free suet balls gift with the order. Many thanks to you all from Ray November 2018

Dear BBF
Thanks v much for the prompt delivery and especially for the coconut suet feeder.  The sudden drop in temperature suggests that the feeding season has begun! 
Regards Peter October 2018

Thanks for your message. Only comment is that I am always happy with everything about the things we buy from you. The birds love the sunflower seeds and there is no wastage.  Also happy with the ordering process and the speed of delivery. Happy also to support a smaller company, as we used to order form much bigger companies.

Linda August 2018

Just wanted to thank for the complimentary packet of suet balls.  Very kind of you.  My little ones will love them.
Tara.August 2018

Hello Belinda,
As you already know I have used your bird seeds for many years now which speaks for it's self. My late husband always said I fed my birds better than him. I am 82 now and I love sitting in the sun lounge watching the many birds feeding at the many feeders outside the window. 
Thanking you both.
Janet July 2018

Hello David and Belinda
Many thanks once again for the prompt delivery of our order yesterday.  I really did appreciate your splitting it into two bags and our birds equally appreciate the gift of fat balls which I’m sure they will devour with great relish!

Great to see the nuthatch twice this morning and I was surprised to see it happily pecking at the peanuts inside the squirrel proof cage.

Stay cool …

Kind regards.

Jean July 2108

Thus is the first time I have ordered from British Bird Food, and I very happy with my experience. My order came the next day by a very pleasant guy, it was well packed and the food was very high quality. I will certainly be buying more in the near future.
Terry June 2018

David & Belinda, Just taken advantage of your SUPER raisins' product and price. Superb and many thanks! All the best, Michael June 2018.

Bird food delivered - I was nearly beaten when I realised that it wasn't in the usual type of sack - but I took a deep breath and grabbed/lifted it into the garage! One feeder full already gone - the blackbirds are happy, the feral pigeons not so!!! Many thanks for your help and advice. 
Margaret May 2018

Thank you for sending the niger seed feeder and base. Also for phoning me to ensure I got the correct base. I would like to order the same again, i.e same niger feeder and same base as its by far the best we’ve ever had ( and we’ve had quite a few !)
Thanks again
Pauline. May 2018

Thank you for your fast postage service and your outstanding product. Alan April 2018.

Many thanks for another delivery of sunflower hearts, an excellent service and excellent quality, much appreciated by me and all my birds.
Thank you Colin April 2018.

Once again - great service and products. This time around I had a selection of bird food, some of it new to me (& the birds). Within ten minutes of it being put out I had a Jay come down to feed - a bird I've not seen around for a while - a delight to see. Loved the smiley face on the gift coconut half looking out at me from the parcel! Thank you very much. 
Debbie March 2018

Bird bird delivered safely despite blizzard conditions earlier. Thank you for the samples, I've just put some out as birds feeding like mad, it will be interesting to see who tucks in first. Once again many thanks for brilliant customer service. 
Margaret March 2018

Thank you so much.
Extremely happy with my order and will use you again , Kind regards Brian.
Brian February 2018

Thankyou for your excellent service highly recommended. 
Oliver February 2018

Thank you so much for blending the delightful Bird Food that we order from you. Our birds, Mr Badger and The Pheasant are enjoying the wonderful feast. Also thank you for the quick deliveries. 
Suresh January 2018

Dear David and Belinda
I just wanted to say what a delight it was to receive my first bird food order from you on Thursday and a gift of fat balls that will certainly be appreciated by my feathered friends.  I was looking to change my supplier because I am adamant about cutting down on plastics as much as possible so was extremely relieved to find someone who is like minded about caring for our beautiful planet.  I look forward to further orders in the future.
Amanda January 2018

Hi David and Belinda - just wanted to thank you for the little extra you added to my order. The fat cakes and fat balls I use a lot of. The birds will really appreciate your gifts. I wish you and your family a very happy relaxed time over the holiday period. 
Sue December 2017

Chuffed to bits with my order, lots of product for a really good price. My mums going to be thrilled this Christmas.
Jessica December 2017

Thank you so much Belinda and David for the excellent customer service with a personal touch that we have received from you.  We have been stumbling around for months now and have been disappointed time and time again as our regular wild bird food provider seemed to have disappeared off planet internet with no explanation! It really is quite difficult to find superior seed mixes at a realistic price so we were excited when we came across your website.  The product choice is excellent and well presented, there are good options on price and quantities and we love your environmentally friendly approach which is in line with our own thinking.  The recyclable bags are a great idea and thank you for the free gift too!  We look forward to ordering from you again very soon.
Lesley and David November 2017

From ordering to receiving the bird food was easy and so so professional. Very well packed high quality products and even a personal welcome note from the owners. Absolutely superb, thank you.
Derek September 2017

Dear David
Thank you for the prompt delivery of the bird food, excellent service as always.  Also for the extra half coconut, it look’s nice on the bird table and the blue tits are investigating already, I’m sure they will enjoy.   Kind Regards    
Betty August 2017

Thank you, I forgot to say thank you for the half coconut which will be put to good use.  The hand written note was also a very nice touch.
All the best
Derek August 2017

This company has surely got to be the Marks & Spencer of the Bird Food industry. Always excellent service - polite & helpful with attention to detail. Fast delivery & quality products - there's never any waste as the birds love everything I've purchased. Thank you very much!
Debbie July 2017

First time I have used this site and was pleasantly surprised to receive a nice handwritten note from the proprietors, nice to see in this digital age that good old fashioned writing is alive and well. There were also some fat balls thrown in for free, excellent service all round. My friend so impressed I have now ordered some birdfeed for her, keep up the good work!
Charlie June 2017

Hi there

Thanks for being such a great bird food provider, I love your company!
Last winter I moved my bird feeders into a little wooded area which the birds, pheasants, ducks, and badgers adored!  I also have cats and the occaissional  hare coming into the garden. However Mr & Mrs Rat also like living around the bird feeders.  Can you recommend any deterrents that would work just for rodents, I looked on the website but nothing seemed to fit as I don't want to deter anything else.
Thank you very much
Dhira June 2017

Hi David
Thank you for your email. My order arrived today. As always, fantastic service which is why I keep coming back.
Many thanks
Alison May 2017

Have bought from David and Belinda for many years now and cannot fault the care and service they provide ... totally reliable, friendly, and everything one would wish. We have 19 different varieties of bird now visiting us regularly and sometimes, on our stonebuilt garden wall, there can be as many as 40 birds at the same time ... what a sight for sore eyes ... and on the peanut feeder yesterday morning there was a Woodpecker hanging onto the bottom, a goldfinch half way up on the opposite side and at the top was a sparrow ... all feeding happily. What pleasure!! So thank you David and Belinda for your service, and all the little treats you include with the order. 
Edna April 2017

Good morning Belinda

Thank you for my invoice and say thank you for providing excellent service. Birds in our garden say thank you for giving them great choice.
Have a great Easter.
Kind regards 
Suresh April 2017


A Big Thank you to British Bird Food for their excellent customer service! Couldn't have possibly been looked after better & will certainly be using them again!
Donna March 2017

Hi Belinda,
Thank you for that - and thank you for including a small pack of suet balls, free of charge.  The blue tits and jays appreciate your generosity!
That’s a level of service that an independent company can provide and keeps customers coming back!
All the Best,
Neil March 2107

Your Winter mix really is superb: enjoyed by everything from Greater Spotted Woodpeeckers to assorted Finches and Tits, with Dunnock, Sparrows and Robins between. It is the first time that I have come across a mix that does not clog the feeders. Speaking of which, the Onyx feeders are excellent and worth the extra cost for their ease of use. After using cheaper feeders for years, I have been surprised to see that many of the birds I have previously had to feed on the ground have adapted to the large ring perches on the Onxys and happily feed from them. 
Nick - February 2017

I discovered David and Belinda's site in 2016 and so glad that I did. Their service is friendly and professional, delivery is extremely speedy and problem free. I'm delighted too that I have found a really good source of food for our garden birds - the Winter mix works well in the feeders, with no blockages or problems. Judging by the speed that it goes, the birds are enjoying it too. Highly recommended!!
NWB - February 2017

This site was Sooooooo useful!!!!!!!!!! Raniya 
(What more can you say!) - January 2017

Hi David,
Thank you so much, its so pleasent to deal with a company that values customer service! Thank you for your quick response and help. 
My father in law will be delighted.
many thanks Sharon
January 2017


Just to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and thank you from all the sparrows, starlings, doves, wood pigeons, blue and great tits plus various others that drop in from time to time - for all the great bird seed you keep delivering. Will be back with another order in the New Year. Regards PS: It's just started to rain and the birds are struggling against the wind! But what do you expect in the UK Winter?
Margaret December 2016

Dear Belinda
Belated thanks for the safe arrival of the bird food.  Additional thanks for the suet-filled coconut half!
Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year.
Regards  Peter December  2016

This comes a bit late in the day but just to say thank you for the complimentary suet balls you sent with my order (apologies I can't find the order number...  It arrived a few weeks ago and the birds are gradually working their way through feed - when it get much colder I'll hang the fat balls out.
Thanks again, your gesture was much appreciated,
Debbie Hughes  November 2016

Dear David
My order arrived yesterday, thank you so much for sorting it out for me, you are always so helpful.
Take care and thanks again
From Mary  November 2016

Hi David & Belinda,
Order received this morning, and thank you for the free coconut which is already out for the birds. 
By the way the mealworms are enjoyed by our hedgehogs so we now soak a portion for them every evening. One has now occupied our new hedgehog house so we have a guest this winter.
Your service is much appreciated.
Best wishes
John and Caroline October 2016..

Dear David and Belinda,
Thanks so much for the handwritten note with our first order - it meant a great deal. The package arrived on time and the birds are enjoying their improved winter diet. 
More orders to follow and recommendations to friends too.
With kind wishes, 
Nick. October 2016.

Just a quick note to say thank you for sorting out my order, it arrived yesterday and thanks for putting in that coconut feeder, I will pop that out later, the weather here is foul at the moment.
Take care
From Mary September 2016.

As usual delivery was excellent even though it was a new driver! Haven't yet opened the bird food and at the moment the sparrows are flying backwards! 
Margaret September 2016.

Thanks David. I appreciate the personal service you always provide. 
Best wishes, Tony August 2016.

Hello Belinda & David
Thank you for the prompt delivery as usual.  My main feeding station is on a rose arch which was out of action for a few weeks whilst it was being replaced, having served its’s purpose for over 30 years!
Having put the feeders back, the birds took a while to get used to it again.   I get quite a variety of birds and I’m pleased to say they are back in force, so the seeds are very welcome.
Kind Regards
Betty August 2016

Once again superb service. Ordered Monday - delivered Tuesday. The No added wheat seed is greatly appreciated by the sparrows, starlings and every other visitor, the suet balls are already being devoured - not sure they will last very long, particularly as several great tits and blue tits have joined in. Once again, thank you David and Belinda for keeping us all happy (and the birds well fed).
Margaret - July 2016

Dear Belinda and David, this is just to say thank you very much for your impressively efficient and friendly service. The hand-written note and bonus (suet balls) were unexpected extras; much appreciated touches that distinguish you from the competition.
Coin - July 2016

Many thanks for your prompt and speedy processing and delivery of my order, and also for your kind gift of hedgehog food which I shall pass on to my sister along with the hogitat and feeder dish as part of her birthday gift.
Christine Whittaker - June 2016

Dear Belinda,
thank you for your letter, kind assistance and excellent service and as well thank for the gift.
I am going to prepare it and hopefully the birds around my home will visit, use and enjoy it.
Kind regards.
Sabrina (from Germany) June 2016
P.S. Greetings to David and thank you for his really very appreciable service.

To David and Belinda Tha nks so much for sorting out my order after I ordered the wrong bird feeder! Delivery was extremely quick, item well packaged and I was thoroughly pleased with my free gift!! Also very pleased with the quality of the bird feeder and the extras it came with (Jacobi Jayne pull feeder) Excellent service - thanks again. 
Jillian April 2016

Hello Belinda and David,
I hope you're both very well? I just wanted to say thank you not only for the swift dispatch, the great communications and well packed item, but the extra bird food for our birds, that was a wonderful surprise and sincerely you have one happy customer (with some soon to be happy birds!).
 I will certainly be ordering from you again. Thank you!
Kathryn April 2016

Thank you for your help, David. Can I also say how much I appreciate the quality of both your product and your commitment to customer satisfaction. Best wishes, Tony. March 2016

Dear David and Belinda, Just wanted to say what a superb service, as always.Our order of sunflower hearts and wheat free mix arrived this morning. The birds are delighted, as are we! Thankyou, also, for the fat balls you enclosed-what a kind gesture. Kind regards, Lynn and Fred March 2016

Thanks Belinda
The order was safely received and thank you and Dave for the bonus fatballs.
 Best wishes Dave Feb 2016

Thank you Belinda. I am very happy with the seeds and they arrived quickly.  Thank you also for the fat balls you included in my job delivery.  
Best wishes Feb 2016

Thank you for your note and for the fat balls. I get my bird food from you because of the very good personal service you offer, (plus birds love your mixes!)
Regards  Carla Solares Jan 2016

Thank you very much. The gift box arrived today & I'm very impressed! Great product, great price & excellent delivery speed/service. Many thanks.
 Sue Granger Jan 2016

Thank you for a very fast delivery, my order arrived this morning. I hope to shop with you in the future,but  should be ok until Springtime, however we do have some very hungry birds !! Merry Christmas to all at Britishbirdfood.Kind regards
Barry December 2015

Hi Belinda
The feeders arrived today and I am very happy. I hate the wire mesh feeders as I think they may be hazardous for the birds - so finding plastic ones like these makes me pleased. Many thanks Julie. December 2015

Package arrived safely, many thanks for an excellent service.
Colin October 2015

Dear Belinda,
Thank you ever so much for the fantastic autumn bird mix delivered this morning - it looks wonderful, almost good enough to eat!  I love your company's whole ethos - a small company caring for the environment by promoting the re-use of bags, etc. and would love people to know more about it.

Jo October 2015

message: This is just to say that I am very impressed with the service I have received so far. I received delivery today which was very impressive considering I did not order until late on Tuesday.
Ian July 2015
message: thank you for delivering my order so quick.
Paul July 2015
Dear Belinda, thank you so much for your efforts yesterday. The nest arrived this morning and it is now in place. Hopefully the birds will make use of it instead of trying to nest on top of our opened windows! 
Kind regards  Paul. June 2015
Hello David and Belinda,
As always thank you for the excellent speedy response to my last order and the first class quality. Even the Blackbirds are getting on the seed feeder to get at the Sunflower Hearts.
Ray - June 2015
Just to thank you kindly for sending a replacement for the bag of summer mix that I received without any mealworms, suet pellets or fruit!
I appreciate the effort made to correct the mix up which led to me receiving an incorrect bag (which I only opened some weeks after delivery).
Thanks for great service, Pat Spencer, May 2015
Hello Belinda,
Received with thanks.  Always a prompt, efficient service and the birds are very happy too.
We have thrushes, blackbirds, wrens, robins, finches, tits, nuthatches, woodpeckers and the obligatory wood pigeons all tucking in!  
Kind regards,
Beverley April 2015
message: I have just received my order placed 2 days ago. Thank you for a prompt and efficient service. I will remain your (very satisfied) customer.
Regards, C. Solares Feb 2015
message: Just a brief note to say thank you for the speedy delivery of my order.Excellent service
Best Regards
Liz Feb 2015
Dear Sirs
I would like to express my thanks for the prompt and efficient delivery of my order that I placed yesterday.
The quality of the seed is excellent. The delivery firm you use needs a medal. I received 3 emails informing me of the orders progress and despite having 75mm of snow this morning it still arrived within their allocated time slot.
My thanks
G Burhouse Jan 2015
message: Have received excellent service online previously but called in at retail shop in person on Sunday. Super friendly and helpful service. Bought sunflower seeds, nijer and winter mix. Put them out Monday and within 10 minutes had blue tits, coal tits, great tits, robin, nuthatch, greenfinch, goldfinch, tree creeper, thrush and blackbird. Now can't get any work done _ too busy bird watching!!
Pat Simpson November 2014
Just wanted to say we could not believe the quick delivery you provided on Sunday of all days!!
Ordered at 3pm and received before 5pm 
Many thanks
Adrian Williamson Oct 2014
Hi David,
At long last my laptop is back, virus free, and my seed was delivered on Monday, so my 40+ sparrows are making up for lost time, along with the greenfinches and ever present starlings.
Seriously though - thank you for all your help, I shall make sure to order my next lot of seed early in the week and early in the day.
Margaret August 2014
Dear David and Belinda
Thank you for your prompt processing of my order which arrived today.
Kind regards  Paula  July 2014
Dear David,
Just to let you know that the replacement box arrived safely yesterday. Thank you so much for your help, as I said your customer service is excellent and I will recommend you to my friends.
Have a lovely weekend.
Val  - June 2014
Once again thanks for the great service 
My a parcels arrived Saturday 
Wow what stars you are happy birdies say thanks 
Anne - June 2014
My order arrived mid-morning.  Excellent service thank you.
Kind regards Marjorie Whyberd May 2014
Hi David & Belinda
Received the Bird Feeder it is really good as it keeps the seed dry & keeps our birds happy, very good value for money.
Many Thanks Marjorie. May 2014
Seed Feeder is sturdy and well engineered. It is also easy to assemble and set. Brilliant service and delivery. Thank you!
Sue Miller April 2014 
 message: I would like to thank you for your wonderful delivery service. Ordered 27th Jan late afternoon and arrived today 29th Jan at 09.30. Very impressive !Many thanks.

Lynda. Feb 2014

 message: Thank you for your help and my Wallpoints. I already have one and it's brilliant. No rusting and so adaptable.They were hard to find again but I found you through the Jacobi Jayne site, so good on them. Not only that, you had the best price and service too. Thanks again, Sarah. Feb 2014

Hi David...a belated thanks for the prompt delivery of my order   arrived an hour earlier than the time given by Interlink...sorry did not realise the bags were returnable....will know next time...look out for bigger monthly orders in future.....Once ore many thanks for the service.
J Lawton Jan 2014
message: Thank you for the very prompt delivery of my order requested only yesterday. Within 20 minutes of putting out the nijer and sunflower seeds I have had visits from blue tits, great tits, coal tits, goldfinch, greenfinch, nuthatch, woodpeckers, robins, chaffinch and a willow tit. Fantastic but not inducive to getting my jobs done!!

P Simpson Jan 2014

Thanks for the usual wonderful service! I have meant to email you for ages and have just not got around to it, but wanted to say how nice it was to see my named bags last time! Hopefully I'll see them again!!
Every time I order seed from you I think I must order with the recycled bags but then the extra saving on the bulk buy gets to me, so I have to go with that! 
Hope you are all doing well with the business - you are all doing a wonderful job!!
Best wishes Heather September 2013
Hi Belinda,
Just a quick email to say thank you for superb customer service.  I received an email order confirmation, details of despatch and then a email this morning at 8.04am to say delivery would be between 11 and 12.00pm today and at 11.05 Interlink delivered the goods!   If only other on-line companies/couriers were as good.
I've opened the sack and the seed looks good, thank you for the 2 fat balls included.
Margaret - September 2013
Dear Belinda,
Thank you so much for your superb customer service. I wasn't able to salvage many fat balls from the original shipment so the birds will be very happy when the replacements arrive tomorrow!
Many thanks again and best regards,
John - August 2013
Hi Belinda
Order received thank you.
The courier service was also excellent, its the same day as delivery txt system to give one the option of delivering to a neighbour which proved to be really useful. Rather than the goods being left outside somewhere.
Kind regards   Julian -July 2013

Good morning
Thank you for your email.  My order arrived in good time, thank you for an excellent service and quality product.  I will definitely use your company again.
Kind regards
Dianne Denton-Morley - July 2013
message: Dear Belinda and David, and BBf Friends,
Originally, we purchased your superb mixed suet pellets as a 'supplement' for our dunnocks, robins, tits, finches, thrushes, blackbirds, and the rest, to help them to the better survive the harsh rigours of winter...BUT, we little suspected these suet pellets would rapidly become established as the 'staple diet' of EVERY bird species, large and small, in this area of Buckinghamshire!! 
Heck, folks, this suet should carry a WARNING...!
Wonderful stuff, and thank you very, very much for everything.
Kind regards,
Michael de Hesellum - June 2013 
Anne June - 2013

Hi Belinda
Thanks for a fast turn round with the order.  I am very pleased with the product and I would certainly recommend you to others.
Faultless Service.
Best regrads
Paul  - May 2013
Hello David & Belinda
Thank you for the prompt delivery of goods.  Excellent service as always.
Thought I'd let you know I love the Squirrel Buster bird seed feeder, it certainly keeps the pesky squirrels away, and is so easy to clean.
Kind regards    
Betty - March 2013
Just to let you know how impressed my wife, Elizabeth, and myself are with British Bird Food. 
Just placed a new order with you, as we transfer our custom to you from our, now, previous supplier.
Thank you very much indeed and very well done
Michael Feb 2013
Just wanted to let you know that your wonderful robin and tit food arrived safely this week and our little robin is loving it.  We'll be back for more soon.
Janet - Feb 2013
Thank you @BritishBirdFood for my new Droll Yankees. If you need a large feeder, these are the boys!
Gareth - Dec 2012
Thank you very much for your efficient delivery system.
My bird seed arrived in the allotted delivery slot, unlike many parcels I have been at home awaiting delivery during the past few days. Big companies could do well to learn from your system!
Within 20 minutes of me filling up my feeders with the sunflower seeds and winter mix I had goldfinches, bullfinches, robin, blackbird, collared doves, sparrows, blue tit and coal tits visiting.
Thank you! Well worth every penny to give me islands of calm, peaceful pleasure, watching birds from my kitchen, whilst the world around me whips themselves up into a Christmas frenzy! 
Elizabeth - Dec 2012
Dear Belinda
Belated thanks for the very prompt delivery of the birdfood and especially for the gift of the suet balls. We've not tried these before, but they are already proving popular with the blue tits.
Your packaging survived the journey very well and I was very pleased to see that your winter mix is of a much higher quality than is offered by some of your competitors (who tend to inlcude a lot of wheat and other things only of interest to pigeons).
Peter - Nov 2012
Thought I'd drop you a quick e mail to thank you for your super quick delivery and the advice on squirrel busters. The squirrels already look annoyed!
Janice - Sep 2012 
Hi Belinda
Just took delivery of my bird food.  Thank you so much for your excellent service including the really useful time slots for courier delivery of goods - it is so nice not to have to wait around all day waiting for a parcel that may not turn up.  A Gold medal I think!
Sue - August 2012
Here I am again, you still beat all the suppliers, gutted I went elsewhere locally.  No comparioson with your standard of seed mixes and the birds say "thank goodness she is back with you!"
A Corrigan - August 2012
Hello Belinda
This has been superb service, I need never worry about running out of bird food and the birds going hungry with this super speedy delivery capability! The text to give me an hour slot was brilliant, spot on accuarte, and meant I got a lie in on my day off!!  I'm happy, the birds are happy, everyone's a winner!
Thanks again
Jo - July 20212
Hello Belinda
Really pleased with Echoes bird bath and stand.  Was delivered today (the day after placing the order).  I received a text this morning stating time of delivery and it arrived exactly on time. Very prompt and efficient service.  Thank you.
Sue - July 2012
Hi Belinda & David
A brief thank you for your excellent service and superb quality - my lot cannot get enough sunflower seeds and the baby woodpeckers love the suet slabs!
Regards  Russ June 2012
My rook problem is solved - thank you so much for your help.   I have left it a while before contacting you just to make sure.   Strangely enough the rooks departed quite quickly when they realised they weren't getting any food but it took the squirrels a bit longer to accept it!    I now have woodpeckers in the garden which didn't happen before.  I was concerned that they might trigger off the feeder but they are returning so it looks good.   I am so grateful to you.
Best wishes, Sarah. May 2012
WOW! I'm not sure what you put in your no-mess bird seed, but it's magical. Since filling the bird feeders the other day, new visitors to the table have been: a male & female Bull Finch, a Dunnock, and this morning, a NutHatch - really excited! The fat blocks also seem to have been sampled. I'll definitely be ordering again, and at the rate it's being eaten, probably quite soon.
Jo April 2012
 Many thanks again for your excellent service.  I’m sure we’ll be back to you.  
John March 2012
Just to say I was delighted to receive my order from you. It arrived as you said on Tuesday. Really pleased with the sunflower heads and the complementary feeder for the fat balls. Looking forward to enjoying even more birds visiting my garden. Won't hesitate to place more orders in the future.
Thanks again Sally Burton March 2012
We are newbies to your website & are pleased with the customer service your company has provided. Our suet pellets arrived as promised with no mess or problems ! We now have some very fat garden birds who no doubt love the food. Many thanks for the sunflower heads which we have just put out before e-mailing you. We look forward to doing another order in the near future.
Kind regards Avril & peter cannan Feb 2012
Just a note to say thank you for a very impressive service. I arrived home this evening to find my order had been delivered this afternoon. So many companies seem to think Inverness is out in the sticks somewhere and seem incapable of delivering anything quickly. Most would not have been able to deliver until Monday at the earliest, jsut goes to prove it can be done. 

Kind regards  Fiona Feb 2012
received goods on time as promised and contents exactly as ordered,  birds will be well fed here!
Will order again when I need to.
Many thanks,  Bill Barton. Jan 2012
message: Good afternoon David
I received my order this morning and have got to say that I am SO impressed with your service! I couldn't wait to put the Winter Seed Mix into my new Ring Pull Feeder! The birds in my garden have been very patient too. 
I'm so taken with the new feeder that I'm now going to order another one. I've been looking for ages for one that is robust and easy-clean and this is just the job.
I've got to say that I have been looking for such a long time for quality bird food. This is absolutely superb and the price is excellent too. 
Many thanks to you and your team for excellent service and delivery. 
Regards, Karen Wood Jan 2012
message: Just wanted to say my bird apple feeder arrived today, intime for Christmas...and what a beautiful thing it is!
Thank you. Karen December 2011
What amazingly speedy delivery. Thank you so much for such service. Our birds are already enjoying a feast. E Heron. December 2011
Hello Belinda and David,
Thank you very much for your kind comments and for your outstanding ability to react swiftly to the order I placed yesterday morning.
I can confirm that the goods arrived safely today.
With many thanks for all your help and efficiency!
Kind regards,
Mike Ellis November 2011
Just to say thank you for the prompt and safe delivery of my order which arrived on Tuesday as promised. The new squirrel-proof fatball feeder is keeping undesirables off the fatballs and thank you for the free sunflower heads which are being enjoyed. I have a bit of old seed to use up & am looking forward to see how the birds like the new seed!
Kind regards 
Vicki West November 2011
Many thanks my other half is working from home, so should be in 
If not please leave in log shed.
Really impressed with your delivery and birds seem to love the food.
Well done Karen  October 2011
just wanted to say a big thanks for getting my order to me today- tuesday- and for your excellent service and product and for keeping me up to date with whats happening
sincerely sylvia drummond Oct 2011
message: first purchase from you, excellent service and excellent feeder. will certainly buy gain.
Jane Gonzaga Sept 2011
Hello....Wow, thank you so much for your quick reply to my order and thank you for the added gift of the sunflower heads.I am most impressed with your fast delivery promise and especially the one hour time slot, that's great!!!!Looking forward to receipt of my order, as I'm sure my garden birds are as well!
Regards, Susan Baker Sept 2011
Dear David
Thank you for your email and for the extras that were packed in the parcel that was delivered sound and safely on time today as rearranged. The lane here was  resurfaced on Monday and was closed so I thought it best to change the original delivery day.
I will do as you say with the new bags; I have noticed the seals which seem much more robust and effective.
Once again I am reminded how delightful it is doing business with you
Best regards
Stephen & Denise Gregory Aug 2011
Thanks David, the food arrived yesterday and all was intact so the new bags are performing well.
I was out when the delivery arrived so my wife was on her own and it was raining hard.  Without being asked, the driver offered to store the bags where they wouldn’t get wet and put them in our garage, which is some distance from the delivery point.  We appreciated his action and thought you would like to know about this.
Thanks for the sunflower heads.  It took a while for the suspicious Hampshire birds to accept them but now they are very enthusiastic.
Best wishes
Dave. Aug 2011 
My order arrived today as promised, yet again excellent quality and value for money.  Thank you also for the freebies, they are much appreciated!
Best wishes Alyson. July 2011
message: Feeding birds in the garden can be expensive, so I tend to 'shop around'. This is the first time I have used BBF and I am most impressed with your fast and efficient service. Being given a time of delivery is a huge bonus and I shall definately be shopping with you again. Thankyou!   Julian. July 2011
All arrived safe and sound and dead on time - super efficient as always and with all the extras it feels like my birthday, thanks very much! I can now put out 12 fatballs a day instead of just 8 - they go mad for them here - baby starlings this morning!
Birds are now all topped up and feeding in the sun, yes it's even come out to play as well and the cats (with bells!) are happy hiding in the boxes the seeds came in, so that's them out of mischief for a while!
Everyone happy, thanks very much indeed!!
Caroline, June 2011
hi bbf,goods arrived in delivery window,service and new feeder excellent,many 
thanks, dave. June 2011
 Thanks David for getting my order to me so promptly even sorting out the slight hitch with the delivery over the phone. Squirrel Buster Plus looks great, giving a much better view than the squirrel cages.
Ken June 2011
Dear BBF
Thank you once again for your excellent service.  My order was delivered this morning within the given time slot.  I have nesting Robins and Tree Sparrow who are having their lunch!
Kind regards Tessa Parker May 2011
Dear David
Many thanks for this. I must tell you how impressed I am and continue to be with British Bird Foods efficiency and slick management of customer orders from the processing of orders, to keeping customers informed of delivery - a great service. I had indeed also noted the new quick buy system which proved incredibly useful and certainly saved some time.
Thanks as always
Kind regards
Olivia Hamilton May 2011

Thanks for the bird food order which arrived today.
I had to write and say what a great service you provide - not only was it delivered the next day but this morning I had an e mail telling me exactly WHEN it would arrive. The slot given was between 09.53 and 10.53 and actually it arrived at 09. 48. Pretty impressive.  I also particulalrly liked your instruction label pasted on the front of the box to warn the courier to look after the parcel otherwise there could be a messy end for them!  In the past I have had mealworms delivered, they usually come in a sturdy plastic bucket, in a plastic bag. My postman said that the bucket had been smashed when another parcel fell on them and he had had to spend a long time scraping up the little wrigglers!
Thanks also for the sunflower heads - I am sure the birds will love them if I can find a way of squirrel proofing them! Have managed to make most of my feeders squirrel proof but this one is posing a  bit more of a problem, BUT I shall keep trying to outwit the little b******s!
Just out of interest - my first robin babies have fledged and are growing well and the blue tits and great tits are well on with their nests. Love this time of year.
Thanks again for a great service
Chris Treggiden April 2011

Excellent service thank you.   The goods arrived well within the given time slot which is very helpful.
Betty Grant – March 2011
You may be interested to know that, having used many seed mixes in the past, the finch-food appears to be a winner. Bramblings increased fron 12 to 37 in a small garden, along with up to 40 Chaffinches. Also, at long last, House Sparrows are appearing. Pigeons do not decimate this food and it is well used by other species. Will have to re-order!
Graham - Feb 2011
Hello David
Yes back from my travels and the birds are eating twice as much as usual so thought I had better stock up !!!!!!
Your service is just amazing the order arrived this morning you all deserve  a gold star         
I look forward to trying out the new packaging thanks for the freebie!!!!!!!!
best wishes Anne Feb 2011 
What a fantastic service! Well done David and Belinda.
Our order arrived by 9am this morning and just before the snow. Put loads out for the feathered friends - including the "fat pigeons", 13 appeared in an instant! but they all need to eat, especially in this weather.
Brill too that you included the sunflower head - I liked that touch! We have never used those before and if it is a success we will order some for the tiny birds. Thanks again!
Pam - Jan 2011
Dear David,
I have to say that I am really impressed how you always send a personal follow-up email to confirm the order and say when it is being dispatched.  It is very rare for a company to do this.
Thanks again - and thanks from my garden birds, squirrels, foxes and badgers!
Miss Ali – Jan 2011
Many thanks for the prompt personal response - I'm extremely impressed with this level of service!
Thank you too for sending it first class - hopefully it will arrive in time.
Re feed for the feeder - this is actually going to be winging it's way to South Africa with me on Wednesday as a Christmas present for my father who is an avid bird feeder. It will be well travelled!
I will be sure to use you in future for my own bird feeding needs if this is the positive customer experience I can expect.
Kind Regards Michael - Dec 2010
Hello David,
This is a note to tell you that the whole delivery has now arrived, so thanks. The sunflower seeds are a big hit and I've never seen so many Blue Tits and Great Tits in the garden at the same time as this last week.
Many thanks, Mark - Dec 2010
Hi David, 
I've been meaning to write before now, but better late than never! 
I'm so impressed with the service and delivery from British Bird Food, and i just wanted to let you know!
It was superb, and i love the idea of recycling the bags (i've just got to get round to doing that, but i will), 
and the little extra treat you added, thank you for that, my birds will be happy! 
Kind regards, 
Jo - Nov 2010
Hi David,
Thanks for the email, we appreciate the very fast and excellent service.
Kind regards, Joan October 2010
Hello David, thank you again for super fast delivery and good quality product!
alyson - Oct 2010
Many thanks for our first order which arrived the day after ordering the Sunflower Heads are a great hit with our Garden birds and the other products are excellent quality 
Paul Black Sept 2010
Dear David
Thank you for your email.  In terms of product range, value for money and customer service I think your company is excellent; my little birds (which I love almost as much as my children) greatly appreciate it.
With kind regards
Catherine - Sept 2010
message: As always, fantastic communication and superfast service.
The quality of the bird food is always excellent and extremely good value.
Thank you
Jenny - Sept 2010
 Hi David
Got the order as and when you said, brilliant. Well impressed.
Thank you.
Will return bags as soon as I can.
Regards Julian - Aug 2010
Hi there,
Yes the food arrived safely on Friday - many thanks... our sparrows seem to particularly like the wheat free blend
Thanks for sorting out why the web purchases wasn't working for me - I'll amend my account so it all works for my next order
All the best (a very satisfied customer!)
Leopold – July 2010
Hello David 
Please excuse me for not replying sooner where do the days go ??????????
thank you for your quick response although it was not your fault but the courier the goods arrived as you promised the next day in perfect order.
I think your customer service is second to none there are not many firms who would have replaced the whole order so readily I appreciate it and so do the birds !!!
Thanks again and I hope you have sorted the problem 
best wishes
Anne – July 2010
message: I stumbled across your site whilst searching for a cheaper bulk supply of suet pellets. Order sent as £2 per kilo is a great saving and should keep me going for a while, and reusable bags as well! Thank you for the great saving on both counts.
Customer contact form - June 2010
Hello David
Our order arrived today and I'd just like to thank you again for the superlative customer focused service.
This is one of the main reasons why we return to your store, but since we started using your feed we have also noticed an increase in our well fed feathered community.We have managed to attract 3 new types of visitor - the Niger worked it's magic and we have several pairs of Goldfinches who now visit.In addition, we now have Greenfinches and a lovely wee community of Yellowhammers.The Chaffinches,Great Tits,Blackbirds,Sparrows,Starlings and the occasional Pheasant remain as regulars.The Swallows manage to keep the Magpies at bay - the aeronautics involved in this are quite spectacular to watch.
Couldn't recommend you more,if only every online retailer offered your lovely personal 'extra-mile' service...or maybe not...we'd be broke!
Very Best Wishes   Susan ... June 2010
Dear David
First I would like to thank you for keeping me informed on my delivery, which arrived saturday morning.
The birds love the suet pellets & the free spring mix sample I ordered & I really appreciate the free gift of fat balls. I also like that your packaging is either recyclable or can be returned to you for reuse.
I have been really impressed with BBF's service & won't hesitate to buy from you again.
Kind regards
Sharon Harrington - May 2010
Hello David
Many thanks for this. Excellent service!
This is my second order with you and  it was prompted by the good service you provided with the first order.
Kind regards  Terry  - May 2010
My email was answered immediately even though the time was around 9pm. It was answered precisely and in detail by a real person. I could not ask for a more helpful and kind response. It is very surprising and pleasant to come across such a lovely company. Thanks so much. I'm very pleased I found the products I needed so easily with your help.
Kind Regards,
Mr Robert Donnan MSHAA  - April 2010
Dont waste time searching the web for any bird food and feeders. It is all here.
Fast friendly service. Excellent price and value. The best there is.
Kind regards.
George - from London April 2010
Good morning David,
Just to let you know (once more) that your products are a big success with our local birds! The fat balls are on high demand. The sunflower hearts the same. The two great spotted woodpeckers are particularly attracted by your fat cakes.
Again, thanks for the customer service which is brilliant, delivery time and of course, for the 'extras' you always send!
Kind regards
Janine   -   March 2010
Hello David,
Thank you so very much for your e-mails and prompt mailing of Stephen's, (husband), squirrel-proof bird feeder.  I can confirm that it has arrived safely this morning and remains undetected!
I am certain that he will be delighted and that he will be ordering food soon also.
Your care and attention are very much appreciated.
Best wishes
Denise - March 2010
Hi David
As always brilliant service and everything in tip top condition. I would highly recommend you to anyone and thank you for the extra goodies.
I was given one of your Eggs for Christmas 2008 and it is one of the best presents I have ever received it gives me hours of enjoyment.
Thanks again
Your very first customer!  - Feb 2010
Dear David
I just wanted to say a big thank you for sending the Egg bird feeder so quickly, and between Christmas and New Year too. I am really pleased with it - it's beautiful, and so far the squirrels haven't worked out a way to get to it! 
I will certainly buy from you again. 
Many thanks  Jo Savage - Jan 10
Hi David, your service has been excellent, and many thanks for separating off the invoice from the product it made life much easier.  I will certainly be back, M Rawlinson. Jan 10
Thank you so much for the dilivery of the bird seed, should last through winter both me and my granddaughter love your bird seed, and happy to say the birds love it, i willbe posting some of the bags back to you today, thank you so much. A customer - Dec 09
The Squirrel Buster has arrived today - many thanks for the efficient service and very prompt delivery.
 Richard Saunders Novmber 2009 
Thank you for your message.
My order arrived really quickly and my garden birds really like suet treats and the *no mess”  seed I ordered from you.  I will definitely be ordering again.    
Also thank you for the free present – I appreciate it. Kind regards
Soula Williams - November 2009
My daughter (Mrs J ...........) bought me the daisy wheel and suet balls as a present and I was so delighted that this is my second order for suet balls.
Mr G Kelland - August 2009
My first order of wheat-free seed mix has been an enormous success - the birds eat a lot more of the seed than birdseed from another supplier so a lot less waste. Even my chickens like it! Th