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Quails are small, plump birds. They are seed eaters but will also take insects and similar small prey. They nest on the ground and are capable of short, rapid bursts of flight. (yet they manage to migrate to North Africa and back).

The two main breeds being the Common Quail, and the Japanese Quail. The Japanese Quail are mainly farmed for their eggs. The Common Quail is bred as a small gamebird, and is the UK's only migrant gamebird. It is a Red List species because of its historical decline as a UK breeding species, due to changes in farming practices.

The Quail arrives in late-April and stays until late summer. Quails are very small and elusive and are usually heard rather than seen The male has a dark central stripe and two curved band sat the throat. The breast of the female is spotted and the throat is paler.


Quick Facts

Egg Weight
8.2 g

Egg Size
30x23 mm

First Record
7th Century

Field and pasture


34 cm

17 cm

Status in UK
Migrant Breeder

Conservation Status UK
Red (depleting in Europe also)

Number in Britain

Clutch Size
803 eggs

17-20 days

18-20 days

Number of broods
1 or 2

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