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The Greenfinch in flight has a flash of yellow and green and makes a wheezing, twittering song, the Greenfinch is a bright and chirpy character. It is a popular garden visitor, feeding on Niger seeds and other small seeds. Our Finch food is an ideal food to attract them to your garden. They also love suet pellets and suet balls for an extra energy boost.

The Greenfinch will happily feed in towns and city gardens and is often forced to do this when intensive agriculture has depleted naturally occurring foods and habitats in the countryside. Although quite sociable, they are not shy in using their size and weight to squabble among themselves or with other birds at the bird table, and will often be seen side by side with feeding Goldfinches.
Woodland edges, farmland hedges and gardens with relatively thick vegetation are favoured for breeding. It nests in trees or bushes, and lays 3-8 eggs.

The Greenfinch is 1406 cm in length and is similar in size and shape to a Chaffinch, but is mainly green, with yellow in the wings and tail. The female and young birds are duller and have brown tones on the back. The bill is thick and conical. They can form large flocks outside the breeding season, sometimes mixing with other finches and buntings.

Quick Facts

14-16 days

Number in Britain

Conservation Status UK

Status in UK
Resident Breeder, winter visitor

15 cm



Near man, Open woodland, farmland, gardens

First Record

Egg Size
20x15 mm

Egg Weight
2.2 g

Clutch Size
4-5 eggs

14-15 days

Number of broods

First clutches laid
Early April

Age at First Breeding
1 year

Typical Lifespan
2 years

Maximum Recorded Age
12 years, 0 months

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