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The Bluethroat is small bird, similar in size to a robin, the male is unmistakable in spring with his bright blue bib around his throat, bordered below with bands of black, white and chestnut. Its central throat spot can be white or chestnut. Females usually have just a blackish crescent on an otherwise cream throat and breast. Newly fledged juveniles are freckled and spotted dark brown above.

They can be quite a secretive bird, Usually seen hopping along the ground or ducking into cover with a flash of their chestnut tail patches. Their diet consists of mainly Insects, caterpillars and berries also some seeds and fruit. A good suplimentary diet is our Blackbird and Thrush mix, fed from a ground tray.

The best place to find them is the along the coast in spring and autumn, generally in scrub and grassy areas. The time you will see them is in May and June, and again in August and September, when they are on their migratory passage through Britain.

Quick Facts

Number in Britain
113 records/year

Conservation Status UK

Status in UK
Passage visitor

14 cm



Along coastal areas / damp scrub, tundra

First Record
8th Century

Egg Size

Egg Weight
2.0 g

Clutch Size
5-7 eggs

14-15 days

14-15 days

Number of broods
1 or 2

First clutches laid
Does not bred in Britain

Maximum Recorded Age
2 years, 2 months


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