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Feed wild birds

I love Robins Window Feeder Special Bird Feeders British Bird Food - UK wild bird food suppliers, bird seed and garden wildlife
Brand: Jacobi Jayne & Company
Product Code: ILR-WF
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The I love Robins window feeder.

Made by Jacobi Jayne, this Robin and small bird feeder is perfect to see your wild birds feed real close to you.
It is crafted in tough, crystal clear Polycarbonate for a grandstand view of the action! and with plenty of comfortable perching space to tempt Robins, Tits and lots of other hungry birds.

The adjustable rain canopy protects the food and feeding birds from sudden showers and by reducing the height of the canopy to leave a small gap between the tray and the canopy, you can discourage larger birds from getting access to the food in the dish.

The Window feeder comes with the lifetime guarantee, which means any defective parts or bad damage caused by Squirrels will be replaced free of charge, just the cost of postage - for as long as you own the feeder.

This product is available for all UK mainland post codes.

Key attributes:-
  • Fill with seeds, mealworms or fruits.
  • Keep your seed and food dry.
  • Easy to fit to your window - just suction cups.
  • Can also be wall mounted with screws (not supplied)
3 ( 3 / 5 )
Two things: firstly, the Jacobi Jayne service is really excellent - Demi dispatched a missing suction cup with no questions asked, even though the feeder was a Christmas gift. The second point is rather negative - the feeder won't adhere to the window, even though I have cleaned the glass (it sparkles!). Is superglue the answer? What am I doing wrong? I'll post another review when it's up and feeding the birds!

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