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Suet pellet feeder

Suet pellet feeder Special Bird Feeders British Bird Food - UK wild bird food suppliers, bird seed and garden wildlife
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 Suet pellet feeder from Tom Chambers in bright green.

Please note, this is the last one of these feeders we have in stock.

A specifically designed feeder for suet pellets, this feeder comes complete with a tray to catch any spillage and allow the birds to perch on the edge and eat the pellets. With a wide tube the pellets will not 'bridge' and it will last longer in-between fills.

The seed tray unclips to allow easy cleaning and the roll top lid swivels out of the way to allow efficient and easy filling.

Feeding suet pellets to wild birds is important at any time of the year. In the Spring and Summer they need energy to help with the many tasks involved in rearing their young and in the Autumn and Winter suet pellets offer a really high energy boost that is essential to surviving the colder months.

This product is available for all UK mainland post codes.

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