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I Love Robins pearl feeder from Jacobi Jayne

I Love Robins pearl feeder from Jacobi Jayne
Brand: Jacobi Jayne & Company
Product Code: ILR-PF
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I Love Robins pearl feeder from Jacobi Jayne.

A miniature version of the I Love Robins (X1C)  feeder, this dainty little feeder punches above it's weight in terms of strength, it is surprisingly tough and comes with the exclusive Jacobi-Jayne lifetime guarantee. Any defective parts that require replacing for as long as you own the feeder will be replaced for the price of postage only, even if the damage is caused by the Squirrels.

With an adjustable dome this feeder allows you to control access to the food, if you want to keep out larger birds just slide the dome down to the desired height. The base has drainage holes to release water, but in practice the dome does a good job of keeping the food dry.

Our own Robin and Tit food is perfect for feeding from this feeder.

Key attributes:-
Made form tough polycarbonate - won't crack or yellow in sunlight.
Adjustable dome to control access.
The dome is 150mm in diameter
The base dish is 120mm in diameter and 25mm deep.
Overall height is 230mm
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