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Heavy Duty roll top Niger feeder

Heavy Duty roll top Niger  feeder Bird Seed Feeders British Bird Food - UK wild bird food suppliers, bird seed and garden wildlife
Brand: Tom Chambers
Product Code: CS040
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(Zone 1 only)

Heavy Duty Roll Top Niger seed feeder.

 Tom Chambers Heavy Duty range of seedfeeders are designed to last longer, due to their aluminium construction there is no rust and the roll top lid provides easy re-filling. A powder coating of black paint finishes the feeder of to a professional standard.

The heavy duty niger seed feeder has a wide tube diameter to allow more seed to be filled and last longer between re-fills. With an easily removable base this allows quick and easy cleaning. The base also has a threaded recess to allow the fitting of a tray or pole.

Niger seed will atract most finches including Goldfinch and Bullfinch to your garden. Bullfinches are quite rare but are a beautiful looking bird in their finest plumage, they will visit on an infrequent basis. Goldfinches tend to be the most common bird on a niger feeding station and they will come in largbe numbers sometimes, they tend to come and go on a weekly cycle, so it culd be a few weeks inbetween seeing them, but well worth the wait.

One tray is available for this feeder, the larger Omni tray (265mm)


Dimensions:- (not including hanging loop, top and base)

Tube is 80mm diameter x 150mm high

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