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Extra Large Seed Feeders

Extra Large Seed Feeders Bird Seed Feeders British Bird Food - UK wild bird food suppliers, bird seed and garden wildlife
Brand: Droll Yankees
Product Code: B7
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Extra Large Seed Feeders from Droll Yankees


Similar to the popular New Generation range of Droll Yankees seed feeders, but with a much larger capacity.

Don't like filling you feeders regularly? - then this range is for you!  Up to 1.2M tall and holding up to 6 litres of seed, you'll need a garden full of hungry birds to test out these feeders.  Perfect for the coming Winter season.

The feeder design means that the seed only flows when birds peck at it so there is very little spillage. Suitable for hanging or pole mounting, just make sure your fixing can take the weight!

With options on 6 or 12 feeding points and an extra reservoir there is a feeder here for everyone.  Tray accessories Omni and A6T are available to attach to the bottom of the feeder.

The lifetime guarantee with this feeder means exactly that, as long as you own the feeder, any damage or faulty parts will be replaced free of charge, how brilliant is that!

Please note - the B72EL (1200mm long 12 feeding ports) is £84.95 plus a one off £18.00 handling fee applied by all couriers (the handling fee is applied per consignment, not per item).




  • Aluminium perches extend below feeding ports which are zinc plated to prevent rust and corrosion
  • Backed by a lifetime guarantee
  • Up to 12 perches so no queuing birds
  • Large capacity and diameter means easier filling and less frequent refills
  • UV protected polycarbonate tube does not discolour or crack in the sunlight
  • Durable construction is easy to keep clean




B7 - Tube Height 500mm, Capacity 2 litres, Feeding Points 6

B7R - Tube Height 760mm, Capacity 3.8 litres, Feeding Points 6

B72 - Tube Height 760mm, Capacity 3.8 litres, Feeding Points 12

B72EL - Tube Height 1220mm, Capacity 6 litres, Feeding Points 12


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