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Droll Yankees for peanuts

Droll Yankees for peanuts Peanut Bird Feeders British Bird Food - UK wild bird food suppliers, bird seed and garden wildlife
Mesh Feeder
Brand: Droll Yankees
Product Code: JP1G
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Droll Yankees Peanut feeder.

Sorry, we only have size one available.

Droll Yankees, quality you can trust from the world’s leading name. Built to last, the New Generation seed, and peanut feeders are attractive and sturdy, the stainless steel mesh on this nut feeder is specially sized for shelled peanuts, or peanut mixes. It has a threaded base, to attach a seed tray to catch waste and provide extra room for birds.  The aluminium perches can’t be chewed, and won’t hurt the birds’ feet. The Droll Yankees peanut feeder is protected by the lifetime guarantee, which means exactly that! even against Squirrel damage, as long as you have the feeder the replacement for damaged parts will be provided for just the cost of the postage.

The seed tray  fits the Peanut feeder, and provides a perch for large birds or ground feeding birds to access the peanuts.

Key attributes:-
•    Strong construction.
•    Finished in dark Green
•    Easy maintenance and hygiene.
•    Lifetime guarantee.

Size one tube length 200mm, capacity 0.5Ltr of peanuts.

Free delivery to zone 1 post codes.

Mesh Feeder Yes
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