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My Favourites Feeder

My Favourites feeder
Brand: Jacobi Jayne & Company
Product Code: MF-1G
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My Favourites Feeder from Jacobi Jayne.

This feeder deters Starlings and prevents Pigeons and large birds from accessing the bird food inside.

This is the replacement feeder for the very popular Clingers Only feeder, that sold for many years. The style of feeder is for small birds such as Chaffinch, Blue Tit Great Tit etc, that cling o to the edge of the base tray, thus discouraging Pigeons and other large birds. Even Starlings will struggle to get to the food!

The My Favourites feeder has a twist off lid, allowing you to fill it easily and without spillage and it will hold around 1 kilo of seed so it lasts quite a while. It is made of durable plastic, so won't crack easily or discolour with age.

The feeder can be taken apart for cleaning with a little washing up liquid and warm water when required.

This product is available for all UK mainland post codes.
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