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Gardman Sunflower Hearts Feeder

Gardman Sunflower Hearts Feeder
Brand: Gardman
Product Code: A01533
Availability: In Stock
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Gardman Sunflower Heart feeder.

Please note we are out of stock on the large (four port - as shown in image) should be back in stock mid to late March. We have the two port feeder in stock.

Designed specifically for Sunflower Hearts this feeder will allow birds to feed but not scatter the food from the feeder, it has small holes which only allow the birds to take out one seed at a time. It has a strong perspex tube which will keep you sunflower hearts nice and dry.

With four feeder points this feeder will make your seeds last longer but also allow up to four birds to feed at the same time.

Free delivery to all UK mainland post codes.

Key attributes:-
Keeps your seeds dry
Only allows one seed at a time.
Easy to clean.
Overall height 190mm and 260mm (large), tube diameter 75mm
Capacity approx 250g and 450g
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