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Big Easy seed feeders

Big Easy seed feeders
Brand: Jacobi Jayne & Company
Product Code: BE-S1G / 2G / 3G
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Big Easy seed feeders from Jacobi Jayne.


This feeder really does do what it says on the can!

Available in three sizes the Big Easy range of seed feeders are extra large diameter feeders that come apart very easily for cleaning purposes.

The big easy range is made by Jacobi Jayne and Co and it carries their lifetime guarantee, as long as you own the feeder if anything breaks or the Squirrel manages to bite into the polycarbonate tube, then they will send you the replacement parts for the price of the postage.

Lots of customers ask for larger feeder nowadays, it means less filling and more watching, so the big easy range is designed with this in mind, see the volumes below. Big easy have a special ventilation system to keep seeds dry and fresh for longer.

Everyone wants easy to clean feeders and this fits that bill too. Twist off metal perches, twist and lock top and a twist off base all add up to easy cleaning and harder access for Squirrels.

Big easy come with their own special tray (purchased separately), it fits on to the base easily and will help prevent the seeds spilling to the ground.

Key attributes:-
Tough steel top perches and base.
Lifetime guarantee.
Large seed capacity.
Easy to clean
Squirrel resistant.
Patented special seed ventilation system in base

Size 1 tube is 200mm long by 75mm diameter and holds 1 litre of seeds
Size 2 tube is 300mm long by 75mm diameter and holds 1.6litres of seeds
Size 3 tube is 400mm long by 75mm diameter and holds 2.2 litres of seeds
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Excellent feeder, well made and the large holds almost 2kg of sunflower hearts. Purchased the seed tray too to avoid seed on the garden. Hopefully won't need it but the item carries a 100year guarantee!! Think that will see me out lol!
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I bought the 300mm one and first impression: its enormous. But the size should be useful for whenever I am away for a few days and want to leave more food. I have been half-filing it, although this does mean that the top ports are emptied pretty quickly. Secondly, it is very nicely designed and has a sturdy construction. All metal fittings except the yellow base. I like that there is plenty of ventilation at the bottom and the shape of the yellow base means that the birds should be able to reach more of the seeds when it empties. Everything can be taken apart for cleaning, so there are no awkward corners. The only problem is that the top opening, where the seeds go in, is a bit difficult to open. I normally leave the top part on the hook when I'm refilling, but in this case it's easier to take the whole thing down. But here is a satisfying click when it done. Also, since it is quite a long feeder, make sure that anything you hang the feeder from isn't too short!

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