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Wild bird Food

Our wild bird seed is grown, stored and mixed to the highest standards.  We select only the best ingredients for our own exclusive mixes and the birds will demonstrate this for themselves, by staying at your bird feeder for longer. Many of our customers have commented that our seeds bring in more birds than they have ever known to thier garden, (please see our customer feedback page). We pride ourselves on friendly, personal service. Please contact us for advice on the best seed mix for your birds. For Niger, Sunflowers Mealworms and Peanuts, see our straights category.

All our seeds come to you freshly packed to order, in easy to handle 3Kg or 5Kg re-usable grip seal bags. So you do not need to lift more then 5Kg at a time and you can send them back to us for free. Or you can take advantage of bulk sack savings. 

Our suet products do not contain Palm Oil and do contain a high percentage of Suet, this means your birds get the best energy content.

Free delivery on all zone 1 orders.

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